Monday, January 31, 2011

A Scavenger Hunt for Egypt!

As planned, I managed to scoop a couple of friends into fulfilling the chocolate scavenger hunt at the Chocolate Festival in Harvard Square on Saturday.  It was a great day for it, partly sunny, not too cold...except for the fact that there were support demonstrations for the Egyptian political unrest going on at the exact same time, in the exact same square. Mind you, in all honesty, if I was the leader of a protest, I can't thinkof a better place to hold it then right in the middle of a chocolate sampling festival, it really draws in the crowds!

Before we set off on our journey of chocolate and Harvard Square trivia, we were lucky enough to snag a cup of El Diablo hot chocolate from J. P. Licks (a spicy mexican hot warmed you right up!)  and a brownie from OM.

After a bit of confusion as to the lay out of the map... 

 we were off to each different location on the map which had either a monument or a plaque:

or a sign which held the answer to each question.  We learned some very ineteresting facts.  For instance, did you know that the first city to open up a chocolate shop was London? Or that Switzerland is the world's largest consumer of chocolate?

We passed by Burdick's, one of Harvards chocolate gems and luckily, we made it in just before this line of crazies...and got a few pieces of dark chocolate samples to keep up our strength!
About an hour after we initially began, we had successfully answered every question which left us with the phrase, 'Food of the Gods'...amen to that!

Don't they look cheery!?
Oh and the scavenger hunt would not have been half as satisfying if it didn't finish with a fabulous, double chocolate fudge cookie from Finale, fresh and warm out of the oven!
Oh and you can actually see my partially frozen fingers in this picture...the things I do for chocolate...


  1. I have some! It's just difficult to write with them on...and to eat chocolate at the same time:)