Saturday, February 5, 2011

Burrito Bonanza in Copley Square!

There are not many better ways to introduce yourself to the Copley Square community than with a day's worth of free burritos.  This is just what the Copley Boloco did and judging from the success of the event, (2651 free burritos were made!) they are going to be wildly popular!

A couple of friends and I were part of the masses and we stood in line (a long, but fast moving line) for our free burrito.
This new location has a fabulous new set up with online kiosks where you order you burrito and can select everything you want to go in, or be left out. It's really efficient and the visual aids are fantastic!  If you look carefully at this picture, you can just make out the online kiosk in the background..very nifty!

My friend Claire went ahead and added every single add-on available...unfortunately, they were out of guacamole and fajita vegetables by the time we got there. (not that you can really tell by this mess of a burrito!)

She really enjoyed it though and that's what matters!

My burrito ended up looking like a baby beside hers, but it was a beautiful rendition of the classic mexican: with their organic tofo, feta cheese, olives, regular and roated corn salsa, cheddar cheese, boloco rice and lettuce...delish!  My other friend ordered one of their salads, it didn't last very long!
I also got one of their chocolate chip cookies, although they are not as great as those made by Paradise Bakery Cafe, they manage go down a treat and hold their own amid the burriots!
I am just glad I was able to welcome our new burrito shop in all its glory on the day of its opening! Keep in mind that their 14th birthday is coming up later this month! You will want to join in on the celebrations! 

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