Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another snow storm comes our way...

No matter how many snow storms or blizzards we have, there is always a degree of hysteria that builds up city-wide when another one is said to be on the way.  Apparently we are due to be hit by quite a blizzard starting at midnight tonight (11th) with an estimated accumulation of around 12 inches.
Indeed this is quite a lot of snow, but nothing we haven't managed before and yet you still see people preparing for hybernation in the grocery stores.  Then again, maybe they will be laughing at me by tomorrow when I am snowed in and hungry...
I do have one thing ready to go though and it is one thing I would dread to be snowed in without.  I am referring to a good cup of Hot Chocolate. I love the thought of curling up on my couch with the blizzard going full force outside while I am quite content with a steamy cup of hot cocoa.
Here is how I like mine:

First I pick out my mug:
Then I choose which kind of Hot Chocolate I want to use. I love a good Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Williams Sonoma...but as you know by now, my heart truly lies with Second Cup...which I have dutifully brought along with me from my latest trip to Toronto.

Once my drink has been fixed, (always use milk instead of water and try to us at least 2% - Homogenized being ideal, as it makes the drink creamier and complements the chocolatey deliciousness) I then get my whipped cream maker out of the cupboard, fill it halfway with whipping cream and a touch of vanilla extract..shake, shake, shake and I have the best whipped cream in town. (Yes I am that serious!)

And last but definately not least, I add a handful or two of marshmallows. Now these can go on instead of the whipped cream, or on top of it. I generally opt for both, so I have a nice layer of melted marshmallows floating in my hot chocolate and then I have a few more sprinkled on top of the whipped cream.
You have just made the pefect hot chocolate, now all you have to do is sit somewhere near a window so that you can look out onto the white wonderland and feel sorry for those struggling in the gusty winds who, unlike you, cannot love the blizzard from afar.


  1. Have a great snow day Froogie! We can ship emergency supplies from Toronto any time you feel you might be at risk of running out!

  2. That is such a kind gesture! Watch, I may just hit you up on that!
    Oh and perhaps I should have mentioned that Boston Ballet dancers did not get a snow day...no we worked a full first day, good thing I have my whipped cream maker to keep me company!

  3. can we get a pic of the completed product?