Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate festival in Harvard Square!

With Valentine's day quickly approaching, Harvard Square helps get you out of the post New Year's dolldrums and into the romantic spirit.  Everyone knows chocolate is an aphrodisiac, thanks to its relatively high content of both Phenylethylamin and Seratonin.  These two substances, when released into the nervous system, reciprocate the same feelings humans experience when in love.
For three days this coming weekend, Friday 28th- Sunday 30th, a chocolate extravanganza made up of tastings, chocolate featured drink and food specials as well as a scavenger hunt will be held throughout Harvard Square.
The full schedule of events can be found at the organiser's website:!.aspx
I most likely will not be particiapting in the 'dining in the dark series', as tantalizing as they seem, I am looking forward to the treasure hunt as well as the sampling event, both happening on Saturday the 29th.  On Sunday there will be a Chocolate Walking tour which also sounds appetizing...and educational:)
Restaurants acoss the square will be offering special chocolate devotions so really, once you get yourself to Harvard Square, you are sure to come upon some passionate treat.
I know some people find Valentine's day a bit depressing, especially when most of society is geared towards couples and significant others on this day, but I personally find that regardless as to whether or not I have a special someone, a large part of my heart will always belong to chocolate - and that's something you can truly depend on!


  1. I wish I could enjoy some chocolate with you! Happy Valentines Day! Or Chocolate Day!

  2. It's not Valentine's day yet! There is much more chocolate to be celebrated before that!