Saturday, January 15, 2011

An extra visual aid

Following the post on the art of Hot Chocolate making during a snow bomb, I received a request to post a picture of the final product. I must admit, I was very much obliged to make another delicious chocolatey treat with all the necessary condiments! And so, without any further ado, here is the beauty:

Isn't it a phenomenon? I used Christmas marshmallows and added a bit of contrast to the sweet by putting a hint of cinnamon in my whipped crème de la crème. And if I do say so myself, my whipped cream has such a fabulous texture and is like a firm cloud atop a pool of chocolate...divine!

And yes, at the time this picture was taken (about ten minutes ago) my apartment wasat a toasty 60 degrees F (aka freezing), so the santa blanket and fifty layers were incredibly necessary!

Also of note: a friend of mine apparently attempted to make a hot chocolate while snowed in and didn't have the proper ingredients...suffice it to say that it did not turn out well - some things just don't mix. My final note of advice would be that although I absolutely support creativity in all things sweet, there is a foundation that you must first secure before you can start deviating :)


  1. I have never wanted to be a cup of hot coco more!

  2. I know, that's why originally I didn't put up a picture of the final product, because I knew it would look so delicious! Now everytime I look at it I go and make myself another one!