Monday, January 24, 2011

The frugal foodista strikes again!

In the past I have done a few posts concerning the Paradise Bakery Café and their scrumptious cookies.  Located in the Prudential Center, this bakery is home to what I believe to be some of the best cookies I have tried. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that at the end of the day, Paradise Bakery has a considerable amount of cookies leftover.  They do not have a 'day old' policy in effect either and so, as sacriligious as this sounds, whatever doesn't get taken home, gets thrown away... 
I witness this one day and could hardly bear it. So, I put myself to the task of bulding a relationship with them that would allow them to donate the cookies they have at the end of the night to the Boston Ballet.  Thus, the 'Paradise Project' was born!
Now there is no way I can do this as often as I would like and I would hate for this treat to become a mundane reality of everyday life, so I limit myself to a trip once a month.
It is really incredible how many poor little cookies would not fulfill their life's purpose, and although there are still far too many that still don't, at least I know I am doing what is within my power, as a frugal foodista to get them into a few more grateful tummies!
I for one know that my Monday morning would become much better when greated with this pyramid of cookies! (and this was only half of the shipment, the other two bags full went to subsequent departments throughout the building!)

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