Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magic on Charles Street

Paramount restaurant is most renowned for its breakfast. Having experienced and reviewed it in November I have since been looking for an opportunity to experience its dinner.
Oddly enough, last week's snow storm presented me with a perfect opportunity to try Paramount out for dinner with my mother and my aunt, visiting from England. 
Charles street was deserted and blanketed in white, it's a beautiful street on any day and it was as though we were the only girls in the world, frolicking around in the empty snow-ladden street. (and yes, it was so pretty I had to depict it in somewhat poetic terms!)
We waltzed right into the best window booth of the restaurant; the weather meant few people were venturing out of their cute Beacon Hill homes. Without much of a wait we were greeted by a friendly waitress and some delicious focacia with pesto spread. Just what we needed to warm ourselves up after our stint outside.
We decided to try three different items and share them all. I had been forever intrigued by their black bean burger, which I ordered accompanied by their fabulous-o sweet potato fries.  The burger was, well, mashed black beans so it was tasty, had a smooth texture, but left me feeling a tad-sorry for vegetarians who believe this can be a substitute for a real hamburger.

My aunt decided to get the greek salad, which was traditional enough, with the usual ornaments; olives, onions, feta. The pita bread it came with was a little too toasted..but that wasn't exactly the main focus of the plate...incidentaly, I don't believe there was a main focus in this salad...

My mother chose the steak frites.  Now, I am not a huge fan of steak frites, mainly because it is so difficult to find a good piece of meat.  The Paramount's steak frite was quite good, nothing to write home about though. I think a bit more of their marinade would have been a good idea as the 'frites' were really crispy and would have been even better soaked.

My mother was happy with this dish though, so perhaps I set my sights too high.  In actual fact, I think I may have set my sights too high for Paramount's dinner...Don't get me wrong, it was a very satisfying meal, just not what I had built it up to in my mind.
I will say though, that there is something about this place that will have me coming back for more. It is just a really nice nook in a fabulous neighborhood.  Next time I will probably just go for their real burger!


  1. LOOKING FOR A GOOD STEAK FRITES? Pasti's in NY. (hint hint) but I don't know if it would qualify for your blog... is $32 frugal?

  2. Not exactly...but I make the odd exception for exceptional food!