Saturday, January 22, 2011

What awaits in the not too distant foodista future...

As January draws to a close, the harsh reality of our climate begins to sink in as we realise that the novelty of Christmas and New Year's is over and we don't have much to look forward to until the end of March...if we are lucky!

However, the end of January also means that a special day some people devote to significant others is on its way.  Although there are many special people in my life who I take pleasure in doting upon on such occasions, I will be frank and admit that the real reason I so look forward to Valentine's Day, is the fact that it revolves around chocolate. For some particular reason, probably dating back to the Aztecs and their infatuation with the cacoa bean and its capacity to incite passion and warmth upon consumation, we associate this holiday with all things chocolate.

I thought it would be fair to give you all a fair warning that throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on what Boston has to offer us in terms of chocolate inspired adventures, specials and promotions.
If you are not one for chocolate, perhaps it would be best if you turned a blind eye for the next couple of weeks, because my one continual love affair is with chocolate and I will fully indulge in the weeks to come!
Hopefully most of you share my passion...because this is going to be fun!


  1. It's more of a peak really, a warning of chocolatey things to come!