Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picco - a well balanced evening.

In the restaurant business it can be very difficult to excel in all courses of a meal. Many are known for one particular element on their menu and it is sometimes harder than you would think to find a place that consistently delivers quality, tasty and affordable across the board. 
Picco restaurant on Tremont Street is one such restaurant.  From the start of the meal to the sweet finnish, you will be presented with plate after plate of excellent food and drink.
Last night my friends and I went out to Picco for some good food and conversation.  The atmosphere in Picco is conducive to conversation while keeping things groovy and smooth, the jazz-y music fills the corners while the smells of pizza dough tempt the senses.
The first point where Picco delivers with great satisfaction is their wine list.  I ordered the Torrentes, a drier white wine with hints of stone fruit, it had a faint elderflower aroma and was excellent with the meal.  My friends each ordered a red wine which they also were happy with.
It took us no time to order, when we go to Picco, we always order one of their brick oven pizzas and this time was no different. We chose their Chicken Confit special, with gruyère, caramelized onions and brocoli. Always specify that you would like your pizza lightly cooked, otherwise it tends to come out a bit too crispy and their dough is so great you want to enjoy it.

The pizza arrived and payed tribute to their consistent,  award winning forté.  It was perfectly balanced, a thin dough-y crust topped with just the right amount of toppings, and not so much cheese that you choke on every other bite.  The chicken confit was incredibly tasty and the cauliflower made for  an interesting surprise every now and then.
Although Picco's pizza will comfortably fill you up (I consider it a lighter pizza), there is always room for a sweet ending.  Ice cream is Picco's other claim to faim.  They home make their ice cream and every week or so there is a rotation of flavors.  Some of my personnal favorites are their dark chocolate, their PB and J and their caramel swirl oh - and their whipped cream and hot fudge sauce are also to die for.
I ordered their caramel swirl and peanut butter swirl, two vanilla based ice creams with healthy swirls of the good stuff.
All in all, the meal was excellent from start to finish and cost under 20 dollars tip included.  That is a successful outing in my book and what makes it even more so is the fact that Picco will deliver this high level of satisfaction time and time again!


  1. I will bring my second stomach, the one for deserts only! Oh boy oh boy those 5 ballerinas are getting fatter in front of my eyes!

  2. haha so long as it's from the good stuff!