Monday, May 3, 2010

Journey to Bombay

Washington street's Bombay Club recently openened a few months ago in the place of Pho Republic. The latter used to be a great spot, different from the typical South End restaurants with its ethnic vibe. It was sad when we saw it preparing for its dissapearing act. However, this sadness was lifted when the Bombay Club came into view and opened not too long afterwards.

My friend and I tentatively went in for the first time and were really quite impressed. The Bombay Club for one, is run by Shikha and Vinod Kapoor, two of the most genuine and generous people. They embody the very essence of making you feel like family when you go to their restaurant.

They have a great menu, with a fabulous bar and they have managed to maintain the special and slightly quirky vibe we liked so much about Pho. Their drink menu is inspired with many Indian and bohemian type beverages and I can safely say that it is difficult to go wrong when ordering. Just last night, a few friends and I went to this spot for a bit of a celebration. We tried many different drinks and I loved them all. My favorite was the Kama Sutra, an exotic blend of hypnotiq, Cruzan pineapple rum, triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice. Another favorite was the Milagro Sunset, a combination of Milagro tequila, lime juice, organge juice and grenadine. Bombay's bar tenders are all right on the mark with the alcohol/juice ratio, managing to remain very tasty while not being for the faint of heart.

Bombay's service is exceptional and with such a large party, they catered magnificently to our every need, even surpassing them by bringing out complementary indian sweets and clearing a space for us to use as a dance floor.

Bombay Club is a must go for a social drink, a larger party or a quiet dinner. It offers everything you would want in a restaurant and is an integral part of the neighborhood.

Bombay Club, 1415 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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