Saturday, April 24, 2010

TId Bite! Thinking outside the box...

It is so easy these days to get stuck in the same pattern, day in, day out...what with the fast pace of society and the immediacy of social networking, people seem to have lost the notions of exploration and instead revel in the ideas of comfort.

When you live in an area where almost everything you need is at your fingertips, going out of your comfort zone to find new places becomes a bit of a hassle and sometimes a hassle that doesn't end up being worth it. The thing people fear most is that they will take the initiative to go somewhere else and have the 'I should have just stayed home' thought plague their minds. Despite this great risk, there is a lot to be said and gained by pushing the limits of your bubble and experiencing a bit of something new.

Last night my friends and I did just this. Yes indeed, we did it! We popped our bubbles and hopped onto the T. Of course, with our luck, the T broke down...but that didn't stop us! We pushed on, jumped in a cab and made our way to Kendall Square in Cambridge.

Once we had arrived at our destination, we saw a cultural movie called 'Dancing across borders'. The movie was great, it broadened our horizons and we lef the theater inspired and ravenous. Kendall square happens to have loads of cute little restaurants and pubs in the area. One place in particular caught our eye; The Friendly Toast.

We all thought some friendly toast would be a novel idea so in we went, at great personnal risk. The saying that the greater the risk, the greater the potential yield? Well, that is competely true. The Friendly Toast has proved to be my new great find. (Of course it has been found by many others for a while now...but that's ok)

The menu is inspired with concoctions I would never have imagined but having read about them, I am dying to try! The inside is so alive with color and spunk and it reminisces the greasy diner you have always dreamed about.

They serve breakfast all day and having breakfast for dinner, or for a late night snack is one of the best ways to shake up the old routine. They have spiked milkshakes served in gargantuan metal cups, pop rock rimmed cocktails and sweet potatoe fries with a mouth watering mango sour cream.

We only got to experience a few items, but another trip to Cambridge is already underway...and you should consider doing the same!

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