Friday, May 7, 2010

Smashing Sangria

It's a Thursday night...not quite Friday but almost as good as. You know the feeling...and you know that sometimes all it takes to make your Thursday night feel a little better is a good drink at one of your favorite spots.

In the South End, one of those spots can be the Beehive on Tremont street. It is renown for its live music and funky interior, not to mention the refreshing individuality of all who work there.

It's just what you need to transition into the last day of your week. Well, you of course need a drink in hand, but once you are in the Beehive, that doesn't take long. Walk over to one of their two bars and their excellent baristas will mix you up something real quick. I didn't need anything crazy and opted for a glass of their sangria. It wasn't the first time I had their recipe so I wasn't going out on too much of a limb, but like I said, each worker has their own unique style and the sangria I had last night happened to be different from the one I had a couple of weeks ago.

This bar tender smashed all the fruits in the bottom on the glass before pourring the other ingredients and shaking it up in the mixer. I really liked the approach. It's often done with drinks that have fresh ingredients in them such as mojitos (with the mint leaves). Crushing them allows the flavors to infuse at a much greater (and tastier) degree!

My sangria was just what I needed; something refrehsing and comfortable, but different and surprising at the same time. That combination is somewhat hard to come by...but buzz on over to the Beehive and your evening will definately be filled with something different one way or the other!

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