Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fro-yo hands up in the air!

In the past decade or so, frozen yogurt has made a turn around and become one of society's most fashionable desserts. More particularly, frozen yogurt shops that sell the tart fro-yo with fresh fruit toppings are of increasing popularity. Although this treat is indeed delicious, refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day, all of these places are exactly the same. They all take a fruit and a colour and voilĂ ! They have their name. They are all very simple and modern looking on the inside and offer a limited number of flavours and mostly the same toppings. When you think about it, Pinkberry, Red Cherry and Red Mango are really not that different one from the other...

That is what was so exciting about this fab place we came upon in Coolidge Corner. The name, 'Berry Freeze' maybe leaves something to be desired in terms or originality, but the concept it leads is really top notch and way ahead of the other chains.

The way most of these places work, is you pick your flavor and size, the staff fills up your cup (but almost always leaves a huge gapping whole in the middle of your!) and then put your choice of toppings on at $.50 a tiny spoonful. This techique fails to get your dessert just the way you like it...too much chocolate sauce and not enough mochi! (delicious cubes of gummy goodness).

At Berry Freeze, they have the custom made dessert route mastered. You walk in, head to the back where you have three different sizes and a frange of flavours. You put as much fro-yo into your cup as you desire, then you proceed to the topping station where you can amuse yourself by putting a little dollop of peanut butter, two pieces of Milky Way, a sprinkle of granola, a random and colourful mixture of fruit and top it off with the entire container of mochi.

When you reach the check out you pay exactly for what you get, no more, no less. The unit price is about $.35 an oz, or 5. 60/lb. It's works out to being cheaper than the other places and this time you are paying for your very own fro-yo master piece.

The place is ingenius, there really is no other word for it. Luckily for me, I don't live right next door, the temptation would be too strong and I would end up spending way too much creativity and money in this place.

But for the odd trip out to Coolidge Corner, this place is an aboslute fact, it would pair really well with some chocolate bread from When Pigs Fly...oo-er.

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