Sunday, May 23, 2010

O joy unbounded!

This 22nd day of May of the year 2010 was one of sun, joy and samples. For those of you who managed to make it out to the Earthfest, you know to what I am referring.

I would like to thank Whole Foods and the other sponsors for outdoing themselves with this year's crop and variety. I ventured into the event by the Hatch Shell with an empty stomach and left fully satisfied from a well balanced meal. There was Sabras hummus, with mixing stations galore, a Digiorno pizza van, some coconut water to revitalize and electrolize, guacamole and chips from Chipotle, cookies and coconut milk ice cream for dessert. Of course there were also plenty of cereals to try and granola bars to snag. Of all the amuse-bouches, the Whole Foods tent held the most delectable of treats...homemade lobster dip. It was the freshest tasting lobster dip, not too rich, with large pieces of succulent lobster. It was delicious and warranted the long line that stretched outside the tent.

There is nothing I like more than a sample fest...of course, the music was good too, I even caught a few tid bites of song here and there, and that is saying a lot, because in events such as these, I am on a mission and not many things can distract me from my next sample target.

The only thing that touches a nerve, is the garbage I see strewn about the ground. Although there was a bit of a shortage of garbages, the whole point of the event is to create awareness for the earth and to generate a bit of the respect it deserves. When I see people greedily devouring sample after sample and carelessly tossing their waste on the ground, I get slightly miffed...I undestand the panic some people may experience when they see all the people and the slowly diminishing sample stock, but there is no excuse for littering!

Other than that, I believe the event was a success and as always, I await next year's Earthfest with ample fervor!

If you didn't make it...well you missed out on some great samples, but there is always next year!

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