Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Tooth!

Ah, my favorite kind of segment! There is nothing I like more, than a good dessert. A couple of nights ago, I found just what I was looking for with my father at Finale Deserterie and Bakery. Finale is a Boston based restaurant reknown for its artful desserts that are both deliciously tasting and aesthetically pleasing. As you probably know, I am not a fan of the pretty artsy, pretty small concoctions some restaurants present you with and you find yourself confused as to how to go about eating the piece of work on your plate. I especially don't appreciate this when you have to pay a huge price as well, I would rather to go a Ben and Jerry's scoop shop. When I want a dessert, I want something that will satisfy my sweet tooth!

So how does Finale pass my highly critical dessert-o-meter? Well, first of all, they have recently modified their menu within the past year and they now offer some more modest desserts that are slightly bigger in portion and cheaper in price, but still just as pretty. For example, they now have their own chocolate brownie sundae, a delectable dark chocolate layered pudding, a butterscoth pudding and a marvy strawberry shortcake. The latter are all sizeable, under 8 dollars and come with a generous amount of whipped cream. This is a big improvement, because the first few times I went to Finale, not only did these desserts not exist on the menu, they didn't even have whipped cream!

For those of you you were avid fans of Finale from the begining, don't worry, the classics are still very much alive and you can still endulge in their Magnanomous Molten Chocolate dessert. All of their famous sharable desserts, which, apart from the slight panic you might feel when the word 'sharing' enters your dessert experience, are really quite unbelievably delicious and there to stay.

Finale has an intriguing savory menu that I would like to try out at some point, this only served from 4 pm until 10pm, seeing as desserts are their main attraction. (oo-er) They also have a moderate wine list with some sinfully tempting sounding, dessert inspired cocktails.

So, if you are near any of Finale's locations in Boston, Brookline or Harvard Square, you should definately stop by and honor your sweet tooth. Finale only uses the highest quality ingredients, so even if you end up getting one of their more quaint desserts, your mouth is still in for a delicious adventure!

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