Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mass Markets

A fantastic foodie sent me a tip about all the incredible Farmers Markets that set up shop around Boston this time of year.

It is true that it is a very exciting time, farmers truck in their freshest produce and set up their stalls in whichever market location they are participating in. There is no better way to stock up your fridge or pantry with fresh ingredients, interesting produce and tasty treats...there is also no better way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the sun than to stroll around a good farmers market with a fresh baked good.

The most popular ones that I know of are the ones within the Boston area, for example, the Prudential market which runs on Thursdays from May 20th through Oct 28th, this one has great variety and is located by the Pru on Boylston. Copley Square also has a market that goes from now until the end of Oct. This one runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11- 6. On Fridays and saturdays there is no place that offers cheaper produce than the farmers market by Haymarket. Sowa Sundays has started up again and you can go here for the full effect of the South End: delicious bakeries, fresh produce and quaint little boutiques all in one parking lot.

You could practically go to a different farmers market every day of the week, and enjoy your treasures on those days where there isn't one to be had. It's a beautifully managed system and when you buy things from these markets, you are paying the farmers directly, that's an added bonus.

Not many places are so richly endowed with farmers markets, you should therefore make the most of the great opportunities practically on your doorstep. Like I said before, if you don't live especially close to any of these, they make for really great escapes even if they are right in the city!

Please enjoy!

Oh and it is not uncommon to stumble upon a sample or two as you stroll...

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