Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A tribute to Toronto's downtown market

I am now back in Boston from what was a fabulous ten days spent with my family in Toronto.  Although I really did not want to leave, the beautiful weather in TO not helping...I am happy to be back, and the weather here (it was summer again today!) certainly helps!
I thought I would give one last hurrah to my trip in TO. Seeing as farmer's markets are one of my absolute favorite things to visit, espcecially the ones in Boston and New York, I think it is fitting that I do a little tribute to the St. Lawrence Market - Toronto's fabulous indoor market.

The reason I like Farmer's markets so much, is that they are the perfect opportunity to experience first hand, the local flavors, smells, colours and products that are produced locally (or indeed from very foreign markets). At the St. Lawrence Market, you get a refreshing view of what is fresh, in season and also some interesting wares from all over the globe.
Located at the intersection of popular Front Street and Market Street, the Market is mostly indoors  On a beautidayul a like this one however, everything is shown under a better light.  The best way to enjoy both indoors and outdoors, is to proccur your goods and then snag a picnic table on the patio overlooking some of Downtown Toronto. This is exactly what we did!

We had an assortment of rish, creamy cheese, freshly cut and smoked deli meats, hot out of the oven bagels (drooling yet?) and huge juicy figs ( I bet you are now...).
Let's take a closer look at that cheese....just for texture's sake:)
It's been a while since I have seen a Brie so rich and creamy, it was perfectly ripe!

We brought all of this outside, sat and enjoyed it.  This is something so simple, and yet so enjoyable - I would be hard put to find a better way to start any day. Unfortunately, mornings like this are hard to come by, but then again, that's what makes them so special!
I usually remain underwhelmed by Toronto as a city, maybe because I grew up there, or maybe because I usually go when it is freezing and I am exhausted - I usually go after the long Nutcracker run finishes in January...bbbrrrr!  I really must say though, that Toronto exceeded my expectations this visit. Of the whole ten days I was there, it rained once and was cold for only a couple days...the rest of my visit consisted of beautiful sunny skies, quite warm temperatures and gorgeous fall colors.
Toronto gets such bad press for being freezing and bleak come this time of year. When it puts on a show like this... everything in the city regains life and vigour...good thing I took my leave before temperatures really plummet though;)


  1. Awesome pics. I've never been to Toronto but hope to go and visit someday!

  2. It's really a great place - especially in the summer!

  3. I miss St. Lawrence Market! One of my favorite things about Toronto!

  4. i love toronto and canada in general! awesome recaps of the food OH and that cheese YUMMM

    see you soon!! xoxo

  5. It really is a great gem in Toronto's hub!
    And yes..that cheese was so oo-ey ad goo-ey and rich:)

  6. Well, weather in Toronto might not always be perfect but local food fully compensates for it. I believe that eating locally grown foods is better for not only me and my taste buds but also for the environment, the local economy, etc. That's why I am really glad we have so many places where it is possible to buy quality organic food here in Toronto.