Monday, October 17, 2011

New York by day, transit by night

There is always something new to explore in New York, and no matter how little time you spend there, you somehow manage to fit in enough activities to fill a week anywhere else.
This past weekend, I went on a 24 hour New York binge...and here is what I got up to!

Having arrived Friday at around 2 a.m (Yay Lucky Star), I didn't get up to much that night...however, my first stop later on Saturday morning was a stroll around Chelsea, starting at Chelsea Market.
Described by my friend as a 'Rachel place', Chelsea Market was indeed, somewhere I would see myself spending more time.  It was chock full of interesting little specialty shops, from a hand-shaved snow cone counter...
to unique little markets each with their on tilt.  I especially liked the curried coconut cashews and dark chocolate covered marzipan at the create-your-own goodie bag station.

A definite highlight was the Lobster Place that was filled with the freshest seafood, sushi and fish and chips bar.
An innocent by-stander with a huge-flaming red lobster was kind enough to pose for a could I not ask!?
It was tough to decide what to get, especially considering the walking lobsters, but we ended up with their trio of sliders: shrimp, tarragon tuna club and lobster. The lobster was our favorite, but these little guys were all incredible. Even the buns were perfect and would have been enjoyable on their own!
Out of the Chelsea market, we continued our strolling until we came upon Billy's Bakery.  I am aware that the cupcake craze really took off in New York with places like Magnolia's Bakery and Crumbs, but Billy's is something else. I don't know exactly what makes the difference, but the carrot cupcake and layered peanut butter bar were the best I have tasted yet. I got the cupcake for my friend as a birthday treat and, seeing my poorly disguised drool let me have a taste - it was the most moist cake (a huge mark of success seeing as most cupcakeries dry out their cakes) and the cream cheese frosting was absolutely superb.
I did watch the love and care that went into each cupcake though...each one took at least two minutes and involved expert style. They also had a banana cake with the same cream cheese frosting and I only barely resisted the temptation to get a slice...ok well, in reality, I saw the couple in front of me order a slice and figured they would not finish it...and yes, when they had clearly had their fill, I asked if I could try a bite....I have no shame. (And it was totally worth it!)

The rest of the day consisted of more strolling through markets perfect for picking up little gifts for friends and sampling even more sugar-inspired treats.  Luckily, near Union Square, the Burger House was serving up samples of their burgers right on the side I got some protein in the mix too:)
After all of this, I met up with a couple of other friends and we all went to see The Houston Ballet perform at the Joyce, this was the original purpose of our trip in the first place. It was a great program to end a great day.
Of course, there were a few drinks at Brother Jimmy's BBQ afterwards and then I was on the 1:30 a.m. bus back to Boston.
Why did I leave in the middle of the night?
Well, because I absolutely could not miss out on the 1st Anniversary of the Boston Brunchers hosted by Island Creek Oyster Bar! After a full day of strolling and a pretty uncomfortable night on a bus, being welcomed by a basket full of warm house baked goods was just what I needed.
A fresh bagel with chive creamed cheese and delicious smoked salmon was a definite remedy...and the Bloody Mary with Clamato juice helped some too:)

It was a great weekend, made all the better by some much needed pampering...although next time I go to NY, maybe I should go for a longer period of time. I have been told of a thing called 'down time' and people say it can be quite enjoyable.


  1. You get the dedication award! I am exhausted just reading this...and I suddenly have the urge to hop on a bus to Chelsea!

  2. The things I would do for a lox bagel right now. Oy.

  3. Some novel idea that you would just relax and not do much for an extended period of foreign!

  4. looks delish but i am tired just thinking about all that! just found your blog :)

  5. I love that you hopped on a 1:30 am bus to join us at brunch. It was nice to see you! And yeah, down time... where do I find that?!

  6. Funny, I was also in NY the week before and had to plan my trip around this brunch. Also, LOVE Chelsea market. It's one of my dad's favorite places and I always try to go with him when I'm home. Billy's is also awesome.

  7. Yup, it was tiring...but exhilirating at the same time. And Yes! Chelsea market is a great place to just meander and try new things:)