Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A fine day at 19 Clarendon Street

There are three things that may strike you as being strange in this picture...first of all, what are these girls doing out and about in that strange garb? Secondly, do I spy 'Free shakes'!? And thirdly, is it or is it not December 1st come Thursday!?
Of the first thing, there is really nothing strange about the attire that dominates this picture seeing as the b.good truck sat right outside the Boston Ballet's headquarters at 19 Clarendon Street during Tuesday's lunch hour. In fact, the entire building is teeming with such leotards, skirts and tights all day long.
The free shakes are easily explained as part of a fabulous initiative to provide delicious milkshakes around Boston.  B.good sends out Harvey, their trusted 28-year old ice cream truck to make the mission possible and on this day, he just so happened to respond to the call of the arts!

I can tell you everyone in the building was very excited to hear of Harvey's proximity, marketing were the first on site...shortly followed by me, (of course!) and then various other departments - it is not everyday that you get creamy, frothy, chocolatey goodness handed to you right outside your place of work!

Whereas ballerinas clad in their day to day rehearsal gear and free shakes can only boggle the mind so much, what really gets me is the fact that we are all somehow outside on November 29th, drinking (and very much enjoying) cold shakes, in very light clothing...This is the one thing that leaves me flabbergasted no matter how I look at it.
It may not bode well for the planet...but I can assure you that it certainly made many people's Tuesdays a much more pleasant affair!


  1. So jealous. I have been trying to get "Harvey" to come to my work for years. I've known John and Anthony since they opened their first store on Dartmouth Street. Great guys and glad to see their business continuing to grow.

    As for the shakes, I am a big fan of their seasonal shakes. Right now they have their apple and cinnamon shake. It is one of my faves. Basically tastes like drinking apple pie a la mode. :D I also love the spring time "local mint chip". It is made with "mountain mint" (aka pycnanthemum) instead of peppermint which gives it a really unique flavor. Also note they sometimes have great single day shakes. Last Valentine's cherry chocolate as an example. I almost always get my b.good shakes with yogurt instead of ice cream both to save calories and to get that slightly tangy flavor. It is particularly good with the current apple shake.

  2. Oh yes!!
    I can't wait for all the different seasons to try all the different seasonal specialties:)