Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Super Sweet Deal

Two-in-one deals are always the best. You pay for one thing and get a second thing along with it. Even better than all of this is when the second part of the deal involves shedding some good and hope upon another.  This is exactly the kind of scenario that will be going on between Sweet Cupcakes and the Franklin Park Zoo. The two have teamed up to create a delicious cupcake inspired by Kambiri, one of their baby gorillas.
(photo credit - Robert Klein)

First of cute!? Second of all, it's his first birthday coming up and the new 'Bananas for the Zoo' cupcake, dark chocolate cupcake with banana buttercream frosting and a toasted banana chip (pictured below), was made specifically for this special day.

So what's the first part of the deal? From November 5th through November 11th, 1 dollar from the purchase of any 'Bananas for the Zoo' cupcake will go towards the Zoo New England.
Donating while indulging in a delicious sweet something...seems doubly sweet to me:)


  1. Can I get a baby gorilla with my cupcake? I want to kiss and hug him!