Saturday, November 19, 2011

Legal Harborside - ready for the winter!

Perhaps you have heard of some of the developments going on around the Seaport area.  From the opening of Flour Bakery's third location in Fort Point, the opening of some great restaurants right on the harbor and fresh installements at the ICA, it has turned from a sluggish waterfront area into a destination for tourists and locals alike.
All restaurants have taken advantage of the beautiful views of Boston Harbor with their huge panoramic windows, prime bar seating and interesting menu concepts.  Without a doubt, the Seaport was the place to be this summer.
But what of winter?  Everyone is asking the same question...what happens when winter comes around and strolls around the harbour are no longer feasible? 
(Photo Credit - Chip Nestor)
 I myself have been wondering these questions and am very happy to say that at least Legal Harborside has some fresh ideas rolled out to keep people coming even in the depths of winter.
This past week, I took a couple of friends over to check out the fall-on-to-winter scene atop the roofdeck.  Any worry was thrown to the winds when I arrived and learned of their updates.
Consistent with the changing weather, the floors are heated as are those patios remaining open for the adventurous romantic. They close off the main patio but the views remain can now enjoy the gusting winds from the comfort of an indoor sofa...cocktail in hand!
Whereas the roofdeck's summer menu was limited to light snack fare, they are now the first LS location to offer a sushi menu - perfect for a light drink-side snack or as you will bear witness...a full on meal!

(Photo credit - Heath Robbins)
On this particular visit, we were lucky enough to experience a sampling of some of the sushi items and luckier still to have Chef Chris (head chef of the building) walk us through some of the most interesting pieces.
We started with some drinks, ordering our favorite White Sangria, made with St. Germain (go figure!), as well as some of their new, season appropriate additions like their Fall sangria (complete with a crab apple).  
Then the sushi started...
We began with a piece de resistance both Chef Chris and Chef Harrold (their in-house sushi genius) are proud of: the Harborside Tempura Roll.  It comes as shown above, Lobster head and tail included:)  It is a crowd pleaser for sure and with a generous amount of delectable lobster meat, avocado, tobiko, house-made teriyaki sauce and spicy certainly pleases the appetite as well:)
(Just another angle...couldn't hurt!)
We were then presented with their 'small' boat...which really is no small serving:) It comes with 48 pieces of a variety of sashimi, three hand rolls and other rolls, all of the chef's choosing.
My favorite was the shrimp tempura roll with the same sweet teriyaki sauce, the red dragon, which was a spicy tuna roll topped with more delicious tuna, tempura flakes and wasabi mayo, but even their no frills tuna maki were delicious... (can you tell I like my tuna?).  
Although I pride myself on eating copious amounts of food, this sushi boat defeated me...I tried my best to finish it off, but alas, a couple stray makis were left behind! It would however make for a perfect sampler for a group...hint hint:)

What I can say with no doubt in my mind however, is that Legal Harborside has assured themselves a clear following year round.  Who wouldn't want to experience the thrill of being so close to the water at a time when winds pick up and temperatures drop? The view will indeed become even more amazing once the snow comes in and covers bits of the Harbor.
I myself cannot wait for the next opportunity to return, whether it be to try the other floors....with a casual dining and raw bar on the first floor which sings an ode to the original Legal Seafoods fish market established in Inman Square, or the fine dining by candlelight served on the second floor it becomes impossibly difficult to stay away!
Returns to the Roof deck however are already in full swing.... 
(Keep your eyes and ears open for their New Year's is going to be spectacular! With a rumored ice statue serving as a pseudo raw could it not be!?


  1. I love Legal Harborside - glad to know that the floors are gonna be heated! The tempura roll looks awesome!