Friday, November 25, 2011

A place to seek Refuge in Allston

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flurry of temperature fluctuations and delicious turkey feasts. I, myself, had a thoroughly great day, spent with friends and..well more friends:) Apples to Apples made an epic comeback and got all of our pre-food coma selves into outrageous debates...I still hold that E.T. is the best match for 'heroic' and that 'Wrecking Balls' are more 'convenient' than the 'invention of the wheel'!
After all of this excitement however, I understand how one might need a little quiet time...a refuge if you will. Lucky for everyone, a vacant space that used to house Allston Cafe is now home to Refuge Cafe. (website coming soon).

 Right on the corner of Harvard Ave and Brighton Ave, this little nook has a lot going for it.  With an interior that is laid back and modern, we find touches of local charm embedded in the graffiti-like art on the walls and in its logo and on the chalkboard menu.

 It has all the amenities of any good, dependable cafe; good coffee, wireless internet, freshly baked goods that are all differently shaped and a good soundtrack.
Refuge Cafe however, has a few things that will come to set it apart from the average run-of-the-mill independent, coffee shop...they have a well-rounded list of loose-leaf teas ranging from caffeinated to caffeine-free, a great menu that boasts items like the Refuge BLT (with A ) and beverages that awaken the kid inside all of us..a cold glass of chocolate milk please? Great sounding vegan and non-vegan ice creams like Peanut Butter mud pie and Twinkie...intrigue anyone waiting to put their order in and their breakfast menu is stocked with the usual staples and sprinkled with delicious sounding pancake specials and is served all day.
As if this weren't enough, as I perused the chalkboards, I also noticed that they offer a selection of locally brewed beer! 
This cafe has everything from kid-friendly items to adult taunts...oh and they can actually make good drinks too! So often have I ordered a tea-misto (half boiling water, half steamed milk), and been met with a quizzical look and an even more disappointing drink.
With this cafe located conveniently on my walk to Physical Therapy, I can see myself adding some serious Refuge time into my schedule:)


  1. i LOVE refuge! Their sandwiches are really tasty and I like how they have beer from my hometown of worcester on tap :)

  2. I can't wait to go back and try some of their sandwiches;)