Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November in Toronto

Three guesses as to where this picture was taken....
Bet you wouldn't guess Toronto on the 1st of November.
It's true, Boston gets snow, and Canada gets beautiful sunshine:) (on the not so bright side, I think my igloo has melted...)

My sister and I decided to head to the Shops at Don Mills, a recently renovated 'urban city' mall, to enjoy the day.

Even though it was beautiful, only a few people were out taking advantage of the weather. Or maybe that was because it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday...my sister and I scored a day like this without the bustle...two for two!
And what better way to celebrate than with a hot tea misto and a good book?  It is so simple, but so plesant, the sun litterally kisses your face. I decided to take a break from my usual Latte from Second Cup (really only to make it that much better the next time I have it:) ). Teopia, a tea shop specialising in rare and premium loose leaf teas makes individual beverages ranging from freshly brewed teas to lattes and smoothies. I decided on a coco caramel tea misto with soy milk. Divinity in a cup!
My sister and I just sat and soaked it all in, I don't think our luck with this weather will last forever.


  1. that drink in the sunshine sounds delightful. and that's a great book!

  2. It is! I want to read it before I go see the movie;)