Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little Valentine's preaching -and bailout

Tomorrow is Valentine's day; the day of love, romance and all things that come in sharable portions.  I think it's great to dedicate a day in the year to that special someone, be it your partner, your friend, or a family member. I also think that people tend to sometimes get too focused on the material aspect of this holiday and end up misisng the point of it.
Although it is great to shower that special person with gifts, surprises and treats, it is often times just as good (and sometimes better), to do something that allows them to actually experience your feelings for them. 
So don't try to make the gift the center of your valentine's day, instead, allow it to compliment the true feeling or message you are trying to get across.
I know, I know, you are probably wondering why in the world I have suddenly gone all sappy...but really, when you think about it, this can be the perfect bail out if this holiday has kind of sprung up on you out of nowhere.
Hear me out: sometimes ideas are easier to come by than the limited edition of Godiva Valentine's day truffles amidst a crowd of crazed lovers and most often, they are much less generic.
And you are probably in a twitter because you are having a creative block, well, lucky for you, I have a solution. Here is a little website that you might find helpful...last minute delivery of pretty schmancy Valentine's it won't be the most frugal thing you do all year, but hey, last minute convenience costs!

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