Monday, February 7, 2011

Love inspired truffles

The most romantic day of the year draws ever and red seem to pop out from around every corner and restaurants are all brimming with Valentine's day specials.
Although this is all very exciting, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you all of the simple pleasures in life.  For instance, this Sunday, during our first day of spring (or what I would love to think was our first day of spring, but which was probably just an absolute tease), I stopped by my local Godiva boutique and picked up the three Valentine truffles they have at the moment. 
Allow me to introduce them to you, from left to right we have the Dark Chocolate Soufflé, the Milk Chocolate Mousse, and the Wwhite Chocolate with Passion Fruit filling.
When you bite into these little guys you will find they are filled with more than just chocolatey (or fruity) goodness, they are filled with something a little more abstract...and you know, I think it might just be love:)
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