Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mid-week trip to The Gallows

 It is always good to have a reliable place to head for a drink and some knosh in the middle of the week.  Especially when you seem to be experiencing the world's longest and most painful five day stint, an evening out, good food and conversation can be just the thing that'll help you get through the rest of it.
In the South End, The Gallows is one such spot.  It has been open since this past summer and I am fairly certain that it has filled its serving area solidly every night since. Somehow, it has not been affected by the recent closings of neighboring restaurants that have plagued the area.
I would think it has something to do with the slightly gothic/rustic style that is a nice change from the usual swanky, black and white, which is the current trend in South End restaurants (Union Bar and Grille, Pops, Aquitaine...etc)
A quick look at some of their dishes could also prove further evidence as to their success and popularity.

Here we have their scotch egg, and although it may not look like much, it  is a simple but very tasty soft boiled egg wrapped in house made pork sausage and then deep fried.  A classic Scottish tradition and very well executed.
You can just about see the edge of their Waldorf salad in this picture.  It's nice to know that a restaurant priding itself on its scotch egg can also deliver a tasty salad.
We ordered their farmer's board to share.  This has changed since the restaurant initially opened.  It used to be a plate with all sorts of interesting things, different cheese, pickled vegetables and breads.  Now it comes much simpler, which is perhaps nice, but I preferred the other version, with things piled nice and high.  This way the board seems a little sparse...

Upon my recommendation, my friend ordered their burger, which, I must say remains their best item in terms of quality, quantity and affordability.  At nine dollars, this burger is quite delicious, juicy and topped with cheese and home made pickles.  The bun, which can sometimes make or break a burger does not over power the meat and as a whole, this burger is perfectly proportioned so that nothing slips and slides about while you are enjoying it.
The service at the Gallows has become more fine tuned since the first time I went in a few months ago, a sure sign that it will continue to prosper on its way to becoming one of the South End's unique dining destinations.  It's too bad the pricing of the menu items seems to have gone up since my initial visit, but there are still plenty of frugal options that make this restaurant a good choice, any night of the week.

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