Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Wholy' competition in the South End

I would like to extend a warm welcome to 'The Wholy Grain', the South End's newest bakery café, which just opened this week.  There has been quite a lot of hype around the opening of this little café, most notably because it seems to have sprouted up as if by magic from the depths of a residential brownstone.
It is in a great location, right on the sunny corner of Shawmut and Hanson, with some promising outdoor seating space, which gets us South Enders especially excited:)
The interior is just as cute and befitting of the South End's vibe, with its soft yellow-ish walls and irregularly shaped doors, it gives off a european feel. 

The menu has an old-time quality to it as it is written out by hand in white chalk on a black board. And all of their pastries are nicely displayed on welcoming platters. 

Although everything seemed delicious, the cinnamon chip scones, morning glory muffins, sticky buns (will they give Flour a run for their money?) and their double espresso chocolate cookies looked most grab worthy.

Refreshingly, everything is baked on site and you can tell by the look of their blueberry chocolate chip muffins which boast plump and juicy looking blueberries and big, slightly oozing chocolate chips. They also have some nice savory ideas, like their focaccia farmers bread of the day.

Although the Wholy Grain fared quite well with regards to their coffee services and ready made foods, they have much room for improvement when it comes to their sandwhiches.  They have not quite mastered the proper balance required so that all ingredients can play either their leading or supportive role and they definately need to figure out how to put them together so that they don't fall apart the minute you look at them.
All in all though, this spot shows promise and hopefully it will provide us with yet another great independent café!


  1. The you will definately love this place:)

  2. Great Suggestion! I visited this place today and got their soda bread, which was amazing. I could go back and get a whole loaf! Their "wholy bowl" was tasty but expensive for how much you got. This place will give Flour a run for its money!

  3. Oh I am so glad you tried it out! They didn't have their Irish soda bread when I went...I guess I will just have to go back again! ;)