Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two fab foodie events coming up!

So here are a couple tid 'bites' of information that might sweeten your weekend...
On Sunday, at the Great Scott in Allston, Chili takedown is hosting a Boston Cookie takedown! In all honesty this seems more like my cup of tea!
Starting at 2 oclock on the 27th, get yourself and your ticket (10 dollars) down to this bar and you will be greeted by an onslaught of cookie creations, from traditional classics, aka the choclate chip cookie, to crazy innovations like a bacon cookie (oo-er) or savory blue cheese cookies..the sky is the limit!
More info and tickets are available at

In case you can't make this cookie event, fear not because this Monday happens to be the last Monday of February and you know what that means!! Well, maybe you don't, but allow me to let you in, it is the wonderful date for Kickass Cupcake's happy hour! From 5-7, they will be serving mini renditions of three different alcohol infused cupcakes.
More info and cause for subsequent drooling can be found at

I sincerely hope you make it to at least one of these fab events and promotions...I myself, will not be able to...sinful, I know.


  1. So great meeting you tonight! Did you go to Cookie Takedown?! I was there. We should definitely meet up for the next Cupcake Happy Hour. I'm always looking for someone to go with me!

  2. I did not make it to the cookie was it?
    And yes, let's go to the next Happy Hour at Kickass cupakces!
    I live for those:)