Monday, September 12, 2011

The start of a week with great potential

A five day week is never easy...especially when it comes after a four day week that somehow lasted forever...
Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  First of all, Monday is over and second of all, Saturday brings a showcase of sweet treats with the annual New England Dessert Showcase.  Deemed the 'premier dessert experience on the East Coast', this event will not disappoint. How can I be so sure? Well, check out my review from last year:

Kicking off Friday evening with a party for VIP ticket holders, the NE Dessert Showcase stretches all throughout Saturday at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.  After last year's mass attendance, Anthem, the event hosts, have revamped their strategy and will now have the public sessions split into two; a morning session from 11-2 and an afternoon session from 3-6.  This way the exhibitors will have time to reset and more restock:)
Tickets are 30 dollars for a session and 40 for the whole day.  I can assure you that no one is leaving this expo without a slight sugar high... last year, I think my heart was beating at the rate of a humingbird's maybe I went a little over board with at Finale's station:) 

Of course, this may have you feeling a little guilty, but fear not! On Sunday, you can redeem yourself (and your diet) at the Harvard Square Business Association's 3rd Annual Urban Agricultural Food Fair.  From 11 to 5 between Mt. Auburn and JFK St, you can peruse through locally grown produce ranging from fruits and vegetables to flowers, condiments and baked goods.  Certainly, there will be more sweet renditions, however, your tolerance may still be maxed out...
The vendors will be accompanied by live music from Club Passim artists all day long.
So hang in there, the next few days will just add to the anticipation and subsequent satisfaction that awaits this weekend!
Hope to see you at both events:)


  1. I saw the Dessert Showcase listing a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure exactly what it was. Thanks for the details- sound delicious! Thanks for the reminder about the Food Fair. I saw some fliers a few weeks ago, I'll check it out on Sunday.

  2. Good luck Frugie, your dedication to take a sugar hit for the team is motivational. We will be thinking of you as you nibble your way through a sea of delectability. My one counsel: fibre, fibre, and more fibre!

  3. Absolutely!
    I am happy that my dedication and team spirit is appreciated and I am also glad my little reminders are proving to be helpful:)
    Maybe I will see you at the Food fair!

  4. I was there last year too! It was too hectic for me but of course I still ate my weight in dessert ;)

  5. Yes! I think this year will be better organised:)