Thursday, September 22, 2011

Level Up to save a buck:)

I would say that by now, most people are aware of at least one or two 'group coupon' companies that offer subscription-based coupons on a daily basis.  Groupon and Living Social are of course some of the more popular ones however these days, there seem to be more and more popping up weekly.
Although they all claim to be different, they are pretty much the same.  This is what makes the concept behind The Level Up so great. It started off just like the others, but just recently, it relaunched its premise and has in fact become a really convenient (and cheap!) way to get you trying new places.

With The Level Up, you simply sign up and they will issue you a personal 'scan code'.  This code can be used on your smartphone, or, for people who are not all fancy and don't have a said phone (aka for people like me:)), they will send you a card with your scan code on it.
This little code is your gateway to many different places and venus - a list which gets bigger and better every day.
The Level Up team partners up with these places and gives you a small incentive to try them out.  For instance, this past Sunday, I was walking around Harvard Square when I noticed a 'Pay with Level Up' adverstisement in Cardullo's front window.
I don't usually go in here, but figured, if I have 5 dollars credit waiting for me...why not?
In I went, and out I came with a bag full of!
Of course, it would have been easy to spend more than 5 dollars and this is the incentive for restaurants and shops.  If you do spend more, The Level Up is tied to an account you set up and bills it accordingly.  The best part about The Levep Up, is that you don't have to worry about buying any deal or coupon in advance and credit does not expire.
  It ends up being a win win situation...not to mention that you feel really cool with your little swipey code:)
If you decide to enroll in The Level Up, enter this promo code to receive 5 level Up bucks automatically:

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