Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crispin' at Local 149

For those of you who have read my blog post on the Boston Brunchers' event hosted by Local 149 earlier this month, you will know something about the amazing eats that are served througout the day at this restaurant. You will also know of my subsequent enthusiasm for this hot, new (ish) spot and my immediate delight in being invited to join a friend for the 5 Course Cider Dinner hosted at Local 149 this past Monday.
This event was being to promote Crispin Cider: a fabulous line of delicious ciders, ranging from sweet to dry. The New England distributor, Kayla, had met with Chef Lisa Dubois, to decide which ciders to feature and pair with innovative dishes, which were all gluten free.

Up first we had their Classic English Dry cider, served conveniently in a can and paired with delicious tuna tartar served atop a salty potato chip with wasabi aioli. A nice start that greeted us right as we sat down.

The next course (not pictured above) was a serving of braised lamd shoulder with pickled currants and soft-ripened cheese. This dish was paired with the 'Joan of Arc'; a sauvignon blanc inspired cider -limited release. I loved this cider as it hinted at the sweet, light taste of a good Sauvignon Blanc, one of my favorite wines.
Above, we have a picture of the third course; a seared sea scallop with sherry vinegar roasted endive and foie butter. I have really been enjoying some great scallops lately, notably from Lineage and Troquet.  These little guys were right on par and the foie butter was a sinful delight.
The Honey Crisp cider that came along with this course was also my favorite - seeing as it mirrored the tart sweetness of my favorite apple...the Honey Crisp:)

Getting better and better with each dish, we had a sweet potato and marshmallow gratin with a smoked duck drum stick. I love all three things and put them together...I am in heaven. The Saint - an unfiltered Belgian cider complemented the sweetness of the gratin nicely.

To finish (the 5 course dinner that is), we were served vanilla ice-cream with caramel (made with the boiled down version of the dry cider) and crystallized walnuts. The Landsdowne came along with this and was thick and dark because of its organic molasses component.
It was a great way to round out a well-balanced and masterfully orchestrated dinner. (I hardly even noticed the absence of bread!)

Of course, with so much delicious food and a menu of even more options, I could not help but to order another dessert. I had originally wanted to try their fried FlutterNutter, but it was the only dessert they were not making that night! Instead, I ordered their Chocolate cigars which comes with caramel ice cream, 'boozy' whipped cream and more delicious candied walnuts.
Needless to say that even on top of the 5 course dinner, this plate was licked clean!
There are not many restaurants in Boston that I would go back to multiple times and be as satisfied as I have been with Local 149.
This restaurant has atmosphere, great friendly staff, ground breaking food - oh- and did I mention that it partners with The Level Up? With the 15 dollars credit waiting for really can't go what are you waiting for!?

*A special thank you to Kayla from Crispin Cider for putting the event together and putting up with my antics all throughout the meal:)


  1. great write-up, but how many ballerinas does it get??

  2. Man. I wish I had known about this. I love cider. Strongbow is still my favorite. I'll have to try this out.

  3. And yes Jason, you will have to try out Crispin...they have many different flavours:)

  4. After two reviews of five ballerinas for this place (unheard of!!) this restaurant is highest on my to eat list. It was there after your first review...and now it's more urgent. I can't wait!