Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labors of love...aka Bottomless Brunch

This past Labor Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to join eleven other bloggers at Local 149 for a Boston Bruncher's culinary escapade.  I have attended a couple of these events and by now know that whenever one arises, an empty stomach is the only way upon which to arrive.  This brunch was no different as we were treated to the nines and consequently dined:)

Local 149 is located on P street in South Boston, an area I have apparently neglected in my usual wanderings.  I took the #9 bus from the South End and ended up bumping into Amanda and Megan, two fellow foodies also headed to the brunch. 
Upon arrival, our group quickly congregated around our designated table which was already adorned with two beautiful famer's platters, complete with house made condiments, five different cheeses and various meats.

It was difficult enough not to dig in right away as we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.  Once the waitresses began bringing out young coconuts filled with the most tantalizing sounding cocktail however, the anticipation had built to such an exorbitant level that no missing blogger could keep us from settling into the first course. Little did we know what we were in for...
After the first course was cleared away - to which was added some fabulous oysters with homemade raspberry mignonette and pepper smoked sausage - we were given samples of their chicken and waffles.  This dish was such a strong start, it was also my first go at this infamous combination and boy did it deliver.  The sweet blueberry waffles were perfectly fluffy with juicy berries, just enough maple syrup and the crispy, salty chicken made for a rock star marriage.  This dish ended up being one of my favorites and I couldn't help picking the last remnant off of my neighbor, Marie's, plate as it was being cleared away.

I believe the breakfast pizza was next.  Made with 'everything' dough, this baby was cooked to a satisfying crispness and topped with thick bacon, their four cheese blend, arugula and...quail eggs. Another first for me, I found the quail eggs to be a bit less yolk-y than regular eggs, but with a bit of a richer taste. Needless to say, it went down a treat.

Up next we had another sweet dish: life cereal-encrusted french toast drenched in espresso martini and topped with Grand Marnier whipped cream, a chocolate stick and in my case, mangalista bacon.
I was very good with this dish and resisted eating the whole thing- don't worry though, I got mine (and Marie's) leftovers to go;)

At some point in between this dish and the next, we were served mimosas.  The robust colour and great pulp made me think of sunsets - this drink will do well in the summer or winter.
Also at this point, my stomach was really starting to feel a little less say the least. The next two dishes however, somehow made it in.
Their Yorkshire Pudding and Lobster scramble sandwich were the final pieces and the staff mercifully only brought out a couple for us all to share family-style.  I am sorry to say that even between all of us, we couldn't finish it all.  (Not a bad thing though... it just meant for more leftovers:))
The Yorkshire pudding came with two perfectly over-easy eggs, house made cinnamon-walnut raisin toast, spicy sausage and fabulous gravy.  This dish was definately the most well-rounded meal.
The lobster scramble was a tower and perhaps a bit difficult to get at with any elegance. However, taste and qaulity of ingredients far outshone any qualms I had about the mess that ensued once I attempted my first bite: either way it is a delicious experience.
To top the whole shebang off, we were given samples of their Malted Chocolate shake and a quick shaking of hands with Leah Dubois, the head chef and genius behind Local 149.
Everything was delicious, nothing was overdone and no shortcuts were taken. I would make the trip out to South Boston anyday to order any one (or all) of the items mentioned above and am quite confident that every other menu item is just as strong.
Need I say it? Local 149 is five dancers strong...without a hint of a doubt.


  1. Wish I could've been there, everything looks soooooo good!

  2. The good news is you can go anytime to try it out for yourself:)

  3. Wow!! I know you're a tough critic, so seeing five dancers makes me quite keen to try this knockout food!

  4. So glad I got to meet you yesterday! It was so nice to talk ballet:) This food looks so yummy, and I love all your restaurant ideas! Hope to see you again soon!


  5. Wow - looks like a feast! Great seeing you again at brunch yesterday. Another awesome meals for the books :)

  6. It was great to meet you too Angela, and great seeing you again Elina. Too bad we didn't get to speak much:( Next time!