Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Phan-tastic Phestival!

I don't really know how best to describe my luck in attending two blow out food festivals in two weekends...Last week's Dessert Showcase had me on a sugar high for at least a couple hours (or until I got to unloading my take home goodies, half of which actually made it into the fridge...) and this Saturday I spent a good part of the day eating my way through the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, stretching from Landsowne to Ipswich.
My stomach is certainly getting better at this as I somehow managed to continuously eat my way through Bacon cheddar dogs from Spike's junkyard dogs, grilled cheese and ham sandwiches from Cheese Boy and wings from Kowloon Restaurant
What else can you find at the Phantom Gourmet festival? Other than a whole lot of might find:
Tubs full of butter....

Cauldrons full of chili...
Ice cream filled cupcakes aka Shot Cakes....genius...pure genius...
For a break from all the madness, you can head into the air conditioned House of Blues to witness some  National League of Competitive Eating contests.
This year we had three woman against one man in the attack of the Edible Arrangements...the big guy in blue one...
Even better was the meatball eating contest that pitted three dudes against little 109 lbs Sonya the Black Widow.  Wait for it..Sonya totalled 48 meatballs in ten minutes and the three guys combined....39. Talk about inspiration!
With your newfound appetite, it's time to head back onto the battle ground, the guys behind Dore Creperie were hard at work with banana, nutella milkshakes and delectable brie, apple, ham and honey crepes ...

Unfortunately, their pop-up location at 1 Beacon street will only be going for a month or two more...fortunately however, they are going to start another pop-up...stay tuned:)
After all of this...and of course much more (Sunset Grill and Tap had the best creme brulee or pumpkin ale ice cream), my friends and I put down our forks and headed for the exits.
Yet another Phab Phood event down for the books and I am already waiting for next year's:)

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