Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hit or Miss at The Cottage

Being part of a group is a wonderful thing. You get to meet people who share a particular interest, you get to convene around that particular interest and when that particular interest happens to be food...well anytime your group gets together is likely to be a fabulous experience.
I have been very fortunate these past few weeks to have been a part of numerous brunch get togethers with the Boston Brunchers - a fabulous group of bloggers who all enjoy food:)
A couple of weeks ago I had the best meal of my life at Local 149 in South Boston and I understand this would be hard to beat.  Just this past weekend, I joined for another escapade, this time at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill.

I had never even heard of the place! I was very excited as it sounded like a perfect spot for brunch and a quick look at their brunch menu had me all in a dither.
As with all Brunches with Boston Brunchers, The Cottage hosted the brunch and we only had to take care of tax and tip. However, I always take care to note the prices, because I want to be able to judge whether I would come back and pay the full price.
I always have a wonderful time with my fellow bloggers, however my opinion of The Cottage is mixed. I found it delivered one hundred percent on some things and then failed in others.
The first thing I did not love, was the d├ęcor.  Although I think some people really liked it, I found it felt a bit like eating in a Pottery Barn. Everything was smooth and reflective white or light-light blue, it did not emit a 'cottage feel' which is what I was hoping for.
On the other hand, when Chef Todd and the Owner, John came out for a welcome note and chat, I was impressed. That was a hit:)

Another hit were the truffle oil tatter tots that were served out for everyone to sample. These were light and crisp, with a decadent creamy center.
When it came time to order, I was having my usual decisive can you decide when so many items look so great? In the end I went with their Lobster Cobb salad, but not without ordering their Stuffed French Toast for the table first!
This dish was a major hit, no doubt about it! The filling, which can often be neglected was just right, although I would have liked a tad more mascarpone.
My Lobster Cobb salad was quite good; there were big chunks of lobster meat along with all the usual accoutrements; hard boiled egg, greens, avocado and bacon. However, I thought that for 20 dollars, this dish should was missing something....I think I would have either wanted more of everything or a lower price point.
So far things are not looking too bad. However, I am afraid to say that the egg dishes were a major miss. A few of my fellow brunchers ordered the amazing sounding 'mashed potato omelet'.  It came with much less fanfar than the truffle oil tatter tots...this much is certain. It was accompanied by a side of fruit salad that was definitely disappointing, and the omelette itself, which my neighbour, Sean, let me try a bite of, left much to be desired. Their Tuscan omelette, ordered by Lindsey of Beantown Eats, came out to much the same effect with bland homefries and bland fire-grilled chicken.
For a place that calls itself 'The Cottage' and boasts a superb brunch menu, you cannot skimp out on the egg dishes- they are a brunch staple.
Although most things were good, a few things were off...perhaps it is because this is their newest of three locations and they are just ironing some things out...


  1. Ooh This place isn't too far from me and I keep debating on whether to try it or not! That french toast looks amazing though!! And too bad the lobster salad was a little over trumped, I love good lobster dishes! :)

    PS It was great meeting you at the Rendez Vous last weekend!! :) Love the blog!

  2. great review - i agree with you on the egg dishes. should have gone with the lobster!

  3. My fish tacos were fabulous too! I am always weary about ordering omelettes. For some reason I always feel let down when I order them, no matter where I am....

  4. Hmmm, interesting. I guess I my side of the table got luckier (none of us had egg dishes). I loved it there and really can't wait to go again for dinner. I loved the decor too - although it's not personally my style (I'm more modern), I thought it was very well executed for the theme. The lobster cobb was definitely pricey, but it's LOBSTER! :)

  5. I think they probably do better for dinner...