Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boston Local Food Festival - 2011

 The first weekend of October has come and gone. It's amazing because to me, it could just as easily be the begining of September...time sure flies when you have so many fabulous foodie events to attend:)
I am sad to see the summer's end, however fall is my favorite season: the colours, smells and seasonal favorites (hello pumpkin:)) all come together during this month...and not to mention, it's my birthday month:)
I am happy to say that my October is off to a great start with a wonderful Saturday spent by Fort Point Channel for the Boston Local Food Festival.

This was the second annual festival and I was very much aware of it this year as a food blogger friend of mine, Kathy, was on board with the organisation.  From 11 to 5, this area was chock full of vendors and exhibitors, all presenting local food related projects. The most difficult thing about these festivals, is deciding what you are going to get.  There are so many choices, and only so much room in your tummy...and your wallet!
I almost went for these little baby caramel apples that you could cover in sauce yourself...but I walked past them, distracted by the Pork Belly madness going on at Sportello's tent.

Luckily, my companion purchased a delicious vegan sandwhich made with doughy bread, butternut squash (hello autumn flavours!), apple, arugula and spicy tofu spread.  It was really tasty once all the flavours melded together in a bite.
I also got my fill of samples, tasty nut and oat cakes from Effie's Homemade, creamy maple yogurt from Sidehill Farm and some really good pickles from Real Pickles.
There were also some great bands playing on the other side of the bridge and some interesting martial arts presentations outside the Boston Children's Museum;)
With the sun shining in all its autumn glory, and our appetites satiated, we decided to take a walk by the water. We were spoiled with a gigantic bubble show right by the ICA. It was the perfect way to sit and digest the mix and things I had just ingested, mentally and physically!
I can't wait until next year's festival:)

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