Thursday, October 6, 2011

A midday, mid-week treat:)

As far as days of the week go, Thursdays are really not bad - you have passed the worst, and the comfort in knowing that Friday is litterally around the corner, is usually enough fuel to get you through. Most often though, a little something special is appreciated...any day of the week.
This Thursday, at the Boston BalletPretzel Crisps hosted a 'snack break' in the dancers' lounge for all employees to enjoy.

This is a great initiative Pretzel Chips has taken on board as part of their markerting campaign and Boston Ballet has been among many other lucky companies to be treated to some healthy pretzels paired with other deli condiments like Hummus, salsa, guacamole and cheese...all great things!

Lisa, our hostess, was great and set everything up nice and simple, showcasing the different flavours up for sampling. We were lucky enough to have five different flavours: original, sesame, parmesan garlic, everything and (my surprising favorite) buffalo wing. I especially enjoyed the buffalo wing paired with guac and salsa....interesting combination, n'est-ce pas?
Although the presentation was great, it did not last long as once 2 30 struck,  the dancers descended and...well, the bowls of pretzels didn't last long. Romeo and Juliet rehearsals really work up an appetite:)
I am just happy I got to take a few snap shots of this fabulous treat, which we all enjoyed and which personally got me through the rest of my day!
Thanks to Boston Ballet and Pretzel Chips for setting us all up with some salty goodness on a Thursday!

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