Thursday, October 20, 2011

Battling the elements on a Wednesday evening

In the middle of October, days of rain and wind are to be expected.  Nonetheless, there is something about them that, no matter how prepared you are, finds you in some weather induced mishap or other.
Wednesday of this week was one such day and had all the potential to be a day of quiet solitude.  However, with a bit of twisted luck, I ended up having a great evening with friends...water and wind be gone!
Our initial plans had been to meet at Pho and I on Huntington Ave at 6 30 for dinner, before heading over to Jordan Hall for a concert starting at 8 oclock.
Through sheer luck, I was able to snag a ride to the restaurant and ended up getting their very dry, but also very early. About five minutes later, I get a text from my friend saying he could not make it due to the weather. With some gentle nudging and minor guilt-tripping, I received a follow up text a few minutes later with an affirmative answer. I was quite happy to wait.
About a half hour later and all subsequent parties arrived, we were seated and a fabulous Thai Iced tea with Boba was placed in front of me soon after I ordered it.  Pho and I has great speedy service, and they do not hold out on the amount of tapioca pearls in their drinks...I was much enthused!
While sipping on my drink and chatting, our orders of Pho and gyoza were being prepared.  Our food came out swiftly and a steaming bowl of what was truly the perfect dish to temper the cold and harsh predicament we had all been privy to, sat steaming at my place...
I went for the vegetarian soup with delicious, fresh vegetables and big chunks of firm tofu, all swirling in a hot broth to which I added a dash of hot sauce..I do love a good bowl of Pho!

After our meal, we made our way to Jordan Hall, conveniently located just across the street, where we were about to experience a very impressive group of students from NEC.
The program, part of the Mahler Unleashed program, was entitled 'Hearing Mahler Through His Contemporaries' and consisted of a selection of composers that either influenced or were influenced by Mahler.
The group of musicians were incredibly uplifting, they had no conductor and instead had this way of communicating with each other through their body movements and eye contact.  It was truly incredible, a feast for the eyes and the ears.
I love the concert series they offer at Jordan Hall. It is such a great ressource, both for the students, who get to perform in front of very keen audiences, but also for the audience members, who get to experience the up and comers...for free.
I intend on taking much more advantage of this great incentive...and with Pho and I located conveninently right next door (as well as Symphony Sushi for that matter), it makes for a great evening...rain or shine:)

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