Sunday, October 23, 2011

A blogger field trip to Privateer Rum Distillery

So here is a bus full of happy, expectant faces! Where could they all have been going?
On a fine Saturday, this group of happy campers, of which I was lucky to be a part, were going out on a field trip to the Privateer Rum Distillery in Ipswich.
The field trip consisted of about 16 food bloggers and their guest. It is always great to embark on an adventure with this crowd and it is even better to get to add some new faces to the mix.

The tour was to take place at the distillery and was put together by Rachel of Boston Food Bloggers in partnership with the great guys at Privateer. After meeting half of the crew at the Marriott in Copley, the shuttle dropped us off around 1 30 in front of a big blue warehouse. Some of the party had taken their own means of transportation and had already arrived at the factory. 

I have never been to a distillery before and did not know what to expect. I really liked the layout at Privateer though; it was spacious, with barrels of Rum lining one side and big impressive rum making machines lining the other.  Appropriately, there is a fully stocked bar in the middle of the warehouse.
The tour itself was interesting as it was nice and informal, with different members of the team stationed at various points (behind the bar, in front of the impressive machines) and ready to answer any questions that came up as we meandered.
One of the most interesting parts of the event was of a taste test between Bacardi and Privateer Rum. The difference in taste was incredible. I am not a huge rum drinker, but the Privateer Rum was so smooth that I could actually see myself enjoying it on the rocks...crazy! 

Of course, all of this rum may have gone to my head had it not been for some expert cooking catered and offered by Summer Shack. We had some great clam chowder, lobster rolls and hot dogs. However, the highlight among all the bloggers were the grilled apple fritter donuts served hot off the grill with some maple and vanilla infused whipped cream...
It was an incredibly well orchestrated event. Rachel brought it together on top of all her other projects and we all had a great time. I came out very much more educated on the inner workings of a rum distillery and had the chance to hang out with some great people.
Thanks so much to Privateer Rum! A brand I will be on the look out for from now really is a delicious product - you should keep an eye out as well!


  1. Great post! Those are dangerous looking doughnuts...

  2. I'll say! Don't know how many I vacuumed up...and goodness knows how much of that extra whipped cream I ingested....:)

  3. I want another one of those donuts ASAP... I was thinking after I left, I should've tried to snag the recipe! As always, good to see you, and I hope that foot gets better fast!

  4. I know right...they were so yummy!
    I would never be able to reproduce them I had no desire for the recipe!
    Great seeing you as well!

  5. All credit for the delicious catering goes to Jocelyn Goldsmith, private chef, 617 955-0354.

  6. Couldn't have said it better myself!