Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesdays at Tremont 647

So I am all about restaurant week, but when my friend and I headed to Tremont 647 this Tuesday, it was impossible for me to resist the frugal temptation of Taco Tuesday.
This tradition has been upheld here for many years and it is a fabulous idea: two dollars a taco on one of the restaurant business' slowest evenings.  It really gets the crowds in too! Granted, it was Restaurant week (and Tremont 647's menu is a strong one!), if I hadn't been lucky enough to secure a table, we would have been tagged onto a two hour wait time! Lucky for us, we managed to get our hands on the best seats, in the house, at the chef's table:)
The taco menu was a bit smaller than usual, but this was again due to restaurant week.  Nevertheless, the selection did not disappoint, all four were delicious and different. The fish tacos were our favorite, they even desreved a second order.

We also ordered their homemade chips and guac which was a tasty treat.  Unfortunately, due to the influx of people, they had just run out of fried plantains before we ordered, so those did not end up at our table...then again, at least this leaves something for next time...which will undoubtebly be sooner rather than later!
Stop by any tuesday for their Two dollar tacos, or try out their restaurant week menu, to view either, follow this link:


  1. for two people, $20 of delicious tacos < $66 of restaurant week!