Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flour bakery

The South End is a quintessential spot for weekenders.  There is such an array of brunch spots, cute cafés and dog parks.  Once it starts getting nice out, this becomes even more apparent.  Although going to one of the main restaurants serving brunch is a real treat every once in a while, sometimes a simple pastry and coffee from a bakery is even more rewarding. 
My friends and I love popping into Flour bakery on Washington street for this very purpose.  Luckily, Flour has much more to offer than an assortment of delicious pastries.  They also have a wonderfully tantalizing sandwich menu as well as other traditional brunch items like quiche and french toast.
This particular Sunday morning we got their quiche of the day, a zuchini and bacon combination beautifully encompassed by smooth eggs and a delectable pie crust. It is harder than you would think to find a perfect quiche, most places' are usually over cooked and rubbery.

We are also a huge fan of their breakfast sandwich, which comes with eggs, bacon, cheese, greens and dijonaise mustard on a homemade focaccia roll. It is hearty and delicious and you won't have a problem with the size like you might in other South End spots...aka the Buttery.
To top off a nice and laid back weekend breakfast, Flour also has great coffee and I can never resist adding a mixed fruit or current scone to the order.
The only down fall is that the sheer number of people can sometimes send you into a dither of panic, seats are also a rare commodity. Sometimes you are successful in staring people down enough to get them to leave, other times...not so much. Flour is just one of those places that is so good you wish no one knew about it!


  1. that breakfast sandwich looks/sounds incredible. i will have to diversify my purchases from the usual sticky buns!

  2. It's easy to divesriy at Flour, everything is great!

  3. That sandwich does sound spectacular. Do they serve it all week or just on weekends (can't find it on their menu). If they do I might swing over on Wednesday after the am pilates class. Don't tell Pete please. ^_^

  4. It is featured on their menu every day, and I am pretty sure it is all day!
    It would be the perfect thing to refuel you after your pilates:)

  5. I forgot that this was vacation week and therefore no class this AM so went to Flour and got "the sandwich". I was really good, however if I were to do it again I would get it with bacon (not usually a fan) instead of ham because I think the extra saltiness would balance the sour and bitter flavors of the veggies and sauce better than the ham did. My pork product of choice kind of got lost in there with the other flavors. Next time.