Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Awakening

There always seems to be a population explosion on those beautiful weekends, when the temperature goes up and the sun comes out. This Saturday was one such day and although the stores were all thronging with people, you couldn't help but be outside basking in the shared glory.
My friends and I were perusing around Newbury and the thought of frozen yogurt seemed a genius idea.  Judging by the ridiculous line coming from Pinkberry, we were not the only ones with this idea...Luckily however, I remembered Red Mango on Mass Ave and this place was much more manageable.
In we went and our beautiful day became a tasty day.
Red Mango is like any other frozen yogurt place, but that doesn't make it any less appealing.  The tart yogurt is delicious and their array of mix-ins are as well. Unfortunately, they were out of mochi, which is my absolute favorite topping.

Nevertheless, I went a little crazy (as you can see) and got a mix of their dark chocolate and original flavoured yogurt with oreos, bananas, black berries and a few yogurt chips.  It was divine!
They were not skimpy on with my portion either, sometimes you have to keep an eye on them because they tend to leave a crater in the middle of your fro-yo which is like paying for air...very frustrating. 
I still prefer the frozen yogurt places where you can do it all yourself, but this was just the thing we needed after an afternoon of fun in the sun and over crowded shops.

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