Monday, March 28, 2011

Healthy food, fast, and surprisingly delicious!

The non-stop pace of our society is mind boggling.  Who would have thought, a mere two or three years ago that so many people would be walking around texting, tweeting and 'face-timing' without thinking twice.  A friend and fellow food blogger actually told me she is so used to her smartphone that she occasionally gets an anxiety attack when she is not fiddling with it.
It is no surprise that restaurants have had to accomodate such quick paced lifestyles. Lucky for us Bostonians (and some people in Dallas and Cleveland) we have been given the gift of UFood Grill - a Boston based, fresh take on healthy, fast food.

Places like this have been popping up all over, it's like the Pinkberry, tart fro-yo experience. I am always skeptical however, as I have been to some that come out with cardboard food.  UFood Grill was another place I was afraid of entering, words like 'Non-fat' and Gluten-Free tend to scare me off.  My perspective is quite changed however after tonight, when I was lucky enough to attend a sample event at the UFood Grill in Fenway.  I am happy to say that I advocate this restaurant for all its fastness, freshness and well...tastiness!
We had a lot to try,and I will not go through every item, the following however are pieces that I fully endorse for their delicisouness - I suppose the fact that they are more nutritious and about half as caloric than the average fast food restaurant is a huge bonus too!

We started with their Bistro Salad: a bed of organic field greens, ripe cherry tomatoes, cranberries, walnuts and feta cheese with blueberry-pomegranate dressing.  It was as good as any 'fancy' salad you would pay three times the price for at a sit-down restaurant. 

Next came their 'Unfries' which are baked, and honestly, so delicious that when someone tried to take the plate away from our table with a couple of fries left on it, I instictively grabbed it back...

Of all the sandwiches, paninis and pizzas I tried, their better bacon cheeseburger and turkey burger were my favorite.  This is surprsing, seeing as I had just been to 5 Napkin Burger and had a really amazing burger.  At UFood, they use trukey bacon, which I actually really like, they also put the right amount of cheese, pickles and tomatoes for added moisture.  The whole wheat bun was a nice match, not too big but not non-descript either. 
I absolutely loved their baked falafel wrap.  It came with a coleslaw rendition and pickled beets.  I am a huge sucker for wraps and this one is a definite go.
For the vegetarians in the house, they do a good job with their tofu, just a simple, sweet and sour- like sauce with fresh vegetables over rice.  It is called their 'tofusion rice bowl' and even I - a non-vegetarian to the max, really enjoyed it.  Their rice leaves a little to be desired, but I am not much of a rice person.
The only thing I really didn't take to was their Chicken Tinga Bowl - chicken breast marinated with some spicy tomato salsa, over rice.  The only thing you could taste in the sauce was the spice, which overwhelmed any other tastes you might like to notice in such a dish.  The chicken did not have the best texture either.
We finished our sample sensation off with their fro-yo. UFood is a proud maker of 'smuuthies' and shakes on top of everything else they do for the nutritious fast food movement.  I loved their choco-vanilla mix and their strawbanilla smoothie. 
What I was most impressed about however, was the level of dedication the UFood team has to getting the best food out to their customers.  They really seem to understand the needs of their clientele and they work really hard to get them just right. 
UFood is more than your average fast food chain, they are intent on building a place people can depend on in a world where things are changing so quickly.  So long as UFood continues along the honest path of providing nutritious food at affordable prices, I think they will see their project fly far out of Boston.


  1. You're quick! Great recap and nice to meet you last night!

  2. Haha,
    Yes you see I got home brimming with so much inspiration I could not possibly have waited any longer;)
    Great to meet you as well!

  3. speaking of smartphones and healthy, fast, and innovative food, i stopped by clover food lab in hv sq the other night. used to be just a food truck. vegetarian, cheap, and delicious! they take your order on iPhones.

  4. iPhones are taking over the app at a time...

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