Saturday, March 26, 2011


Despite the frigid temperatures and apparently never-ending winter, I figured it would be appropriate to remind you all that this Monday, the 28th will be the last Monday of March.  This means two things.  First of all, it is almost April and if that doesn't warm things up then this whole Global Warming thing has gone too far. Second of all, and probably more importantly, it will be Happy Hour at Kickass Cucpcakes in Somerville:)

So let's all just take a moment, breathe in the freezing air and be thankful that admist wintery gloom and the teasing sun that makes you think you can survive outside with a light spring coat (ya right!), there are some things you can really count on.
Thank goodness Kickass Cupcakes is one such thing!
Check out this video below in case you need some inspiration to get you over to Somerville this coming Monday:


  1. who was the guy in the video with the strawberry blonde hair and the boston accent? what a dork!