Saturday, March 19, 2011

The much anticipated opening of Boston's 5 Napkin Burger!

I have been counting down the days to the opening of Boston's first 5 Napkin Burger since...well since I first heared rumors of a Boston location opening way back in 2010.
At long last, I can say with much enthusiasm, that the restaurant will be open to the public and serving its first burgers and sushi rolls (that's right, a combination of both fab foods!) on the 23rd of March. (Applause and cheering)
I did a segment on their promotional burger contest in February and although I was very sorry not to have won, I settled for interviewing the winner, Errick Nunnally, about his winning creation: the Beantown Burger.  I have to hand it to him, his burger sounds like a perfect match for the Boston crowd.  It starts with a maple-infused, beef burger on top of which we have Boston baked beans, smoked gouda, tomato and relish all in between an egg roll....genius!
As for the inspiration behind this beauty, Errick, who has always had a rather profound interest in cooking, particularly when it involves BBQ, said when he thought about the New England palate, these ingredients naturally came to mind.  'Anything but spicy', was his criteria and he certainly managed that with the sweet maple and baked beans, the savory beef and the smoky flavors from the gouda.

I asked Errick if he had tried his burger and his answer was a definitive 'Yes!', saying he had even gone to the extra effort of making his own baked beans...a true Bostonian!

When I asked what the best thing about his burger was, his answer was, 'It's good on its own, you don't need to dress it up'. And I would imagine that is so, ketchup would be the last thing you would want to add to this burger.

As most people know, a good classic burger is hard to find, but a burger that encompasses an area's culinary palate is even harder to find.  Lucky for us, Errick entered this contest 'on a whim' and blessed us with the Beantown Burger.  He is now the proud recipient of 1000 dollars worth of 5 Napkin Burgers and his creation will be featured on the burger menu at the new location.
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  1. Go Errick! my kind of man. I would like to shake his hand. I mean, I would like to shake the burger out of his hand!

  2. Indeed...but you would have to fight me for it first!