Monday, June 7, 2010

Tourist Trap!

After the great meal we had at the La Tramoia restaurant our first night in Barcelona, I was fairly confident that the quality of most of the restaurants in the area would be on par. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Last night, my friends and I met up at a tapas restaurant near our hotel and were excited because the menu had pictures on it as well as english translations.
We started off with two picthers of sangria and then ordered our little plates. (Aren't you glad I gave you all a tapas history lesson earlier on!??) We should have seen the signs of a bad restaurant when our sangria arrived and the bottles (21 euros each - quite a ways from the 12, 50 from the other place) were only about half full.
When the food came, we were each of us, one by one, more disappointed than the other. I ordered a spinach and goat cheese salad, which was probably the only decent thing on the table, my other plate, sausage and mixed mushrooms looked fab on the menu and turned out to be the most slug-like dish I have yet eaten.
By the end of the meal, I decided I needed to step in and speak with the manager. I told him we were unsatisfied with some of the dishes and he took a couple off, so it eased the edge, but did nothing for the worm - mushrooms slugging around in my belly...ugh.
On the bright side, we can all learn from this...steer clear of restaurants who boast pretty pictures of food with english translations...oh and certain 'tapas' that are named, 'Hannah Montana burger' and 'Hello Kitty skewers'. I realised this after we had sat down and ordered our sangria...

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