Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Third time's a charm?

Greetings from San Sebastian! After a 9 hour travel day from Barcelona, the company arrived in this beautiful city a day ago.

It is strange because we are still in Spain, and yet it feels as though we are in some french city, the whole atmosphere is so starkly different from the constant bustling activity we experienced in Barcelona.

The food scene is also different. In Barcelona, apart from Sundays, mostly all restaurants were open all day, here, they really take their siesta seriously. This becomes a problem when you are in rehearsal until 6, and then back at the theatre getting ready for the nine oclock show. Think about it, if siesta is from around 4 to 8, and restaurants close at 11 on weeknights, that doesn't leave us many options!

It's a pity too, because there are a great many famous tapas restaurants in the area. One in particular, the Fuego Negro, we have tried to eat at two times, without any success.

On the bright side, we found this fab gelato place, they are really big on gelato here in Europe. This place had a great number of flavors, the most interesting being a kinder chocolate flavour and a fererro rocher flavour. I got the latter with some kind of milk was really tasty after our disappointment!

Perhaps today will be the day we manage to penetrate the walls of this small tapas know what they say...third time's a charm!

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