Saturday, June 5, 2010

Frugal, foodista, Barcelona!

A big Holà from Barcelona!
I have finally arrived in this beautiful country where architecture abounds in the most magnificent grandeur and tapas restaurants are sardined side-by-side down every little side street.
The trip over was long, hard and not very restful...but although I have not slept much, I have indeed eaten!
Behold! My first foodista experience in Spain! And what do you know? It was frugal!
My friends and I went to a tapas restaurant by the hotel and decided to get a pitcher of sangria, which ended up being the most delicious and well-bodied sangria I have yet tasted. We ended up having three glasses each and the cost of the pitcher split up as about 4 euros each...not too bad!
We also shared the selection of four salads, which featured some potato salad, delicious fresh tomato and feta cheese, and their very popular cured ham. We then got their special tortilla, which is like a potato omelette, very fluffy but dense at the same time, and we also shared their small sized sauteed sausages, which were so delicious.
The whole meal, which was far too much for the three of us to finish...(I tried my best) totalled to 12 euros each)that includes the three glasses of sangria! Unbelievable for the quality and amount of food we got. The waiter was also so nice and helpful and even gave us some spanish words to work on as we will be coming back for sure.
I hope all of my foodista adventures turn out as great as this one. Tomorrow, after an optional class in the morning, I will be going to the beach, so we will see what´s in store for me there!

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