Thursday, June 10, 2010

Breakfast included = a touring dancer's savior

I am sure that if any of you have travelled to Europe, you will know that most hotels come with a continental breakfast included. Thankfully, this is the case with the hotel we are staying at. And thank goodness, because if this were not the case, I know I would have a much bigger food problem to deal with as the day progressed

In order to fully understand the importance of these breakfasts, you must first understand the difference between the american continental breakfast, made up of mainly breads, cereals and fruit and the european continental breakfast, which is much more ecclectic. Our breakfast includes the usual breads (chocolate croissants that are really quite delicious), cereals (muesli filled with dried fruits and oats) and fruits. We are also given hot options with scrambled eggs, their special potate omelette (tortilla espagnol) and different types of breakfast meats.

I would say the best part is the slightly surprising (to us) deli section. It is very traditional for europeans to eat what we would assume to be midday food for their breakfast. Although I don't think I would make a prosciutto and manchego cheese sandwhich for breakfast, this fast becomes an option for lunch and guess what!? It saves me having to go buy something elsewhere. When on tour, it is difficult to find a place to buy a quick lunch meal, and it is usually difficult to find the time. Having a packed lunch makes life much easier and cheaper!
And so what if there is a sign saying not to take food items out of the restaurant...a little sandwhich and fruit baggied up in your purse isn't really going to hurt anyone.

So, what can be learned from this post? Make the most of your included breakfast; stretch it into another meal and snacks and you have saved a few euro which you can then invest in a really great dinner!!!

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