Saturday, June 12, 2010

Head to the Gallows!

As promised, even though I am here in Spain, I am keeping you in the know back in the beantown.

The South End, an ever changing area when it comes to restaurants, two new locations which have sprouted up in the place of two others. Noche takes the place of Icarus, and The Gallows has turned up in the spot fromerly occupied by 'Sage'.

The latter seems like a fabulous new spot, I am very excited to try it out upon my arrival. The eye-catchers would be it's interiror decor which resembles an old barn renovated to suit the South End's usual comfort and class. They will be serving some great sounding pub-style meals with certain twists. Most importantly in my opinion, they offer various kinds of poutine, which is a genius combination of think-cut fries, cheese curds and gravy. The Gallows introduces a spring version as well as a foie gras version...pure genius! They also have a killer sounding burger for...wait for it....9 dollars! This is definately my kind of place!
The other newbie, Noche, is a bit more upscale with no barnyard inspiration. It is slightly less inventive from what I can see. However they have a very intriguing sounding bar menu and a st. Germain cocktail! So it does show some promise!
Feel free to peruse their slightly under-developed websites...and until I come back and try these places daring and take a gander round the South End!

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