Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sugar Mine!

As happens every year, from June 7th-9th, Government Center sees its outdoor square full of ice cream and ice cream fanatics. The Scooper Bowl is an event I always look forward to, this year was especially exciting as I missed last year's while on tour in Spain. (You win some, you lose some...)

A fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund Cancer Institute, you pay an entry price of 8 dollars (get 1 dollar off when you text ICE CREAM to 22122) to gain access to all the ice cream you can eat, served up by some of the most famous Ice cream companies around.

As usual, Ben and Jerry's makes its appearance and this year's selection was strong, but not as strong as past years. I realised I am not a fan of their vanilla ice cream which was the base of both A Late Night Snack and Americone Dream. I did really enjoy their Milk and Cookies and Bonaroo Buzz. (Those qualified for a second round)
The winner however, without a hint of a doubt was Ciao Bella, which offered its refreshing Mango Sorbet and an interesting rendition of a Chocolate Smore's.  I actually lost count of how many Mango sorbets I had...

Luckily, water stations are to be found at regular intervals.  On such a hot day, with so many crazed, sugar loaded people, it is essential to take water and shade breaks.  
My friend and I got this down to a fine art. Which is probably why we managed to build such an impressive stack of ice cream tubs...below we have a total of 37, and that's not including a few tubs containing undesirable flavors we had to throw away (i.e the Firecracker from Baskin and Robbins...yuck!)

I feel we did the event justice, my technique is to try everything (unless it is a standard vanilla or other flavour I do not need to waste stomach space on) and then to narrow it down to my favorites. My friend and I went back for Ben and Jerry's Bonaroo Buzz and Milk and Cookies and finished with Ciao Bella's Mango sorbet.
I was on a major sugar high after this event, I wouldn't have it any other way...many people develop a slight ice cream aversion for a few days. My aversion lasted about twenty minutes and I am now craving something sweet and cream anyone?


  1. I am especially impressed with all the used cups you collected! That's a lot of ice cream no matter how you scoop it!!

  2. Ack! I almost missed it. My office is just down the street from there. Guess I know what I am doing for "lunch". :D

  3. You will not be disappointed! And don't worry, the sugar rush dies down in about an hour or so...haha

  4. Mission Accomplished.
    Unfortunately Ciao Bella was out of the mango sorbet by the time I arrived (Nooooooooooo!!!!!), but I ended up liking their key lime graham a lot anyways. It was the only one I went back for a second service. I however must bow to your superior ice cream eating abilities. I was only able to muster 9 cups so had to be strategic in my choices. Note to self, don't try to eat something healthy for lunch before you go next year; simply embrace the gluttony.

  5. That is tragic about the mango sorbet!!! I hope that was the only one they ran out of...
    And you ever said Ice cream is an unhealthy lunch? It's full of calcium!

  6. 'who ever said' sorry...blooper:(

  7. So funny! I can't believe you ate so much ice cream!! Look at all these cups! Delighted you did not get sick of it! : )

  8. Haha!
    Yes I almost went back today for more:)

  9. Based on your recommendation and lack of samples at the event, I picked up a pint of mango at WF during lunch. It is quite good, but I think I liked the Key Lime Graham better. I really like the sour yogurty flavor. That said the sorbet has half the calories, so I can eat twice as much right? ^_^

  10. I was not as into the key lime stuff, just not as pure a tasted as the mango...and yes I suppose you could eat twice as much..I hadn't thought of that..